GLOBALTRUSS Selflock Hook 5030-B 48-51/30/250kg


Selflock Hook 5030-B 48-51/30/250kg black on varsinainen jokapaikan yleiskiinnike. Tällä klampillä kiinnität ja ripustat hankallissakin kohteissa, ilman ongelmia.

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he Self-locking hook is a clever combination of C-clamp and half-coupler and is ideal for securing heavy devices. The Self-lock hook is easy to hang and guarantees a certain level of drop safety, even when the clamp is still open, making it easy for someone working alone. 

This coupler is compatible to following truss systems:


Colour Black
Compatibility 48-51 mm
TÜV certificate Yes
Aproved by DIN EN 13814:2004
Material Aluminum 6061 T6


Clasp M12 wing nut
Retaining screw M10 device screw, snap ring, washer

Technical Data

Wide 30 mm
Tensile load 250,00 kg



Shipping data

Dimensions (L/B/H) 150 x 100 x 50 mm
Weight 0,50 kg
PU 25
EAN 4042659135609


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Valmistajan Tuotenumero5030-B
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