JTS CM-22G6B Overhead kondensaattorimikrofoni

CM-22G6B Overhead kondensaattorimikrofoni, suuntakuvio hertta, toistoalue 20-20kHz, 100ohmia, max SPL 140dB, vaatii toimiakseen phantom-jännitteen 48V DC, ripustusasennus, sopii esim hyvin teatterin tai koulun esiintymislavalle, väri musta, toimituksessa mukana 8m kaapeli ja tuulisuoja, pituus 205mm, paino 140g
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Overhead hanging condenser microphone

For suspended installations, especially suitable for applications in which a direct microphonic effect is undesired for optical or operational reasons, e.g. sound pick-up of choirs or on threatre stages or school stages
High-quality condenser microphone cartridge with extra thin gold-plated 1.25 cm (½") cone, cardioid characteristic
Low cut switch (80 Hz)
10 dB attenuation, switchable
Integrated phantom power supply adapter
Flexible alignment due to gooseneck
Black (CM-22G...B) or white (CM-22G...W) version
Supplied with windshield

Total length:
CM-22G6...: 205 mm
CM-22G12...: 340 mm

Typeo verhead hanging microphone
Transmission method cable
Characteristic cardioid
System condenser

Audio frequency range 20-20,000 Hz
Nominal impedance 100 ?
Sensitivity 15.8 mV/Pa

Max. SPL 140 dB
Power supply DC current 48 V, phantom power
Gooseneck length metal

Weight 160 g
Cable 8 m
Connection XLR, bal.
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