Kirkko äänentoisto


Skenaario: Kirkko äänentoisto 950-1300 m2

Kirkkojen akustiikka on usein haastava tekijä, mutta hyvällä suunnittelulla ja oikealla laitteistolla saadaan laadukas toteutus tehtyä. Huomioon ottaen kuulolaitteet induktiojärjestelmillä.

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Solution: Church, 950-1300 m2

Customer requirements

  • High-quality sound and music reproduction with automatic acoustic feedback suppression
  • Consistent sound radiation, event in difficult acoustic conditions
  • Frequency-stable radiation of each speaker
  • Hearing assistance directly to hearing aids or inductive receivers through magnetic induction
  • Versatile use, e.g. for church service, concert or theatrical performance


The PA column speakers ETS-120SL/WS and ETS-220TW/WS provide the perfect sound in a challenging acoustic environment.

The slimline design allows for an architecturally unobtrusive installation. No matter whether you are sitting in the first or last row, the speakers deliver a clear and precise reproduction of speech and music without any acoustic feedback.

The splitter PA-24AD is used to route the signals to the 120 W mono mixing amplifier PA-900S as well as the class D amplifier STA-850D.

For the inductive transmission of speech and music, we have applied loop amplifier LA-202. The inductive receiver LR-202 then receives the electromagnetic field which is created by an induction loop and converts it into an audio signal for the audience.

The CD-112/BT is used as an audio player which can play both CDs and MP3 files and features an integrated Bluetooth receiver.

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