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Skenaario: Kuntosali 520-840 m2

Kuntosalin, tanssisalin tai muun fitnesstilan äänentoistoon kannattaa panostaa jotta treenaaminen on motivoivaa ja myös pukuhuoneissa on hyvä soida rentouttava taustamusiikki. Meiltä saat myös langattomat headset mikrofonit esim aerobic tuntien pitämiseen.

Kysy lisää myynnistämme, tarjoamme myös suunnittelun ja osaavan asennuspalvelun.
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Scenario: Fitness Centre, 520-840 m2

Customer requirements

  • Flexible and high-quality multi-zone solution for reproductions of music and speech
  • Unobtrusive background music in the bar area as well as in the changing rooms
  • Excellent sound quality in the training room with a rich and powerful bass for a motivating environment during training sessions
  • Versatile playback options for music reproductions in the entire fitness centre
  • Optional: connection of a wireless microphone for sessions in the training room


The flush-mount ceiling speakers EDL-10TW/WS provide pleasant background music in the entire fitness centre, including the training area, the changing rooms and the lounge area.

The 2-way speakers feature an excellent sound quality with a consistent radiation pattern and impress with a high-quality music reproduction. The power amplifier PA-4240 with 4 x 240 W drives the connected speakers and ensures a reliable operation.

With the 2-zone mixer MPX-52PA, it is possible to implement 2 independent zones with versatile routing options for each input channel.

The workout area is provided with a powerful music reproduction for a motivating training ambience, whereas the bar area and the changing rooms should feature a pleasant and unobtrusive sound.

Audio player WAP-200 offers versatile playback options, e.g. Internet radio, FM RDS and DAB+ tuner, MP3 player or music streaming via network.

The PA application in the course room has to meet special requirements: various playback options, powerful sound with a powerful bass, easy-to-use system, easiest operation and highest reliability.

The speakers EUL-2/SW with a high efficiency and 2 x 20 cm (8“) bass speaker and a dynamic 25 mm horn tweeter combined with a subwoofer EUL-2SUB/SW provide a precise and clear sound for a deep and dynamic bass reproduction.

The system also includes 4-channel microphone line mixer VMX-440/SW, power amplifier PA-2240 as well as CD-112/BT with CD and MP3 player.

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