Luokkahuone äänentoisto


Skenaario: Luokkahuone äänentoisto 70-120 m2

Pieneen perusluokkahuoneeseen riittää yksinkertainen järjestelmä, jonka käyttö on helppoa. Musiikkiluokkaan tai vastaavaan tarvitaan hieman vaativampi toteutus.

Kysy lisää myynnistämme, tarjoamme myös suunnittelun ja osaavan asennuspalvelun.
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Scenario: Classroom, 70-120 m2

Customer requirements

  • Well-balanced and consistent radiation with high speech intelligibility at every seating position in the room
  • Laptop or computer to be used as an audio source
  • Wireless audio transmission via Bluetooth
  • Easy and straightforward operation, even for inexperienced users
  • Compact and space-saving system


With the PA speaker systems MKS-232/WS, it is possible to have a comprehensive PA application in the entire classroom.

The 2-way speakers provide a high-quality sound which guarantees highest speech intelligibility at every seating position in the room.

The compact and highly space-saving mini amplifier SA-160BT features an output of 60 W which is distributed onto 2 channels and allows for wireless streaming via Bluetooth.

It is also possible for different users to operate the system thanks to the easy and intuitive operation of each component.

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