MONACOR AXZ-408BV Hybridi valvontakamerajärjestelmä


AXZ-408BV Hybridi valvontakamerajärjestelmä koostuu 8-kanavaisesta AXR-108 digitaalitallentimesta, jossa 1TB kiintolevy ja neljästä 2 megapikselin AXC-2812BV värivalvontakamerasta,

Sääsuojaus IP66,  Toimituksessa mukana 4kpl 18m kaapelit kameroille.

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Video surveillance set, consisting of 8-channel hybrid digital recorder AXR-108 and four TVI/AHD colour dome cameras AXC-2812BV.
8-channel hybrid digital recorder AXR-108
•Including 1 TB hard disk (SATA)
•Automatic recognition of applied camera technology: analogue (960p), AHD (720p/1080p), TVI (1080p) and network-based
•Video compression: H.264
•Network connection, access via web browser
•HDMI™ video output (Full HD 1080p)
•VGA output
•2 x USB 2.0 interface for exporting data onto a USB flash drive and for connecting a USB mouse
•Video motion detector, 12 x 12 sensor surfaces
•8 x alarm input, 1 x alarm output
•8 x audio input, 1 x audio output
•Power supply via suplied PSU
•Supplied with PSU, infrared remote control, USB mouse and software package

4 x TVI/AHD colour dome camera AXC-2812BV
•Weatherproof outdoor housing, IP66
•Zoom lens (2.8-12 mm)
•Resolution: 2 megapixels
•Due to 30 infrared LEDs, suitable for application in the dark. For this purpose, the camera switches to B/W operation (IR operating range: 20-30 m, with optimum reflection)
•Power supply via supplied PSU
•Supplied with 18 m connection cable

For further information, please refer to the individual items.
Built-in hard disk.
Remote access possible via smartphone apps (RXCam, RCXCam Link, RXCamLinkHD) for various systems. Please read the notes under Service/Downloads at

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