OMNITRONIC CM-5300 5-kanavainen clubimikseri

CM-5300 5-kanavainen clubimikseri ammattilaiselle, korkealaatuinen stereo-mikseri clubeille ja lukuisiin mobiili PA-sovelluksiin. 5 stereo sisäänmenoa gain-kontrollilla, kolmikaistainen kill EQ ja 10-numeroinen LED tasonäyttö. Etupaneelissa AUX-liitäntä. Kolme mikrofonipaikkaa combo-liittimin, joka mikrofonikanavalla oma kompressori. Kaksi erikseen kontrolloitavaa master-ulostuloa XLR- ja RCA-liittimin. Subwoofer-ulostulo aktiivisella jakosuotimella (jakotaajuus/voimakkuus säädettävissä). Räkkiasennettava 7U. Mitat: 383 x 483 x 106 mm Paino: 6 kg
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CM-5300 Club Mixer - Professional 5-channel club mixer


High-grade stereo mixer for clubs and numerous mobile PA applications
5 stereo input channels with gain control, 3-band kill EQ (+12/ -26dB) and 10-digit LED level meter
Front panel aux input
Rear stereo input FOH for stage mixers
Smooth dual-rail channel input faders (60 mm/100 mm)
3 microphone input channels with front combo connector
Gain control, peak LED, 3-band EQ and on air switch per microphone channel
One-knob compressor per microphone channel
2-parameter adjustable auto talkover for automatic music level reduction when microphone is used
Fully assignable smooth dual-rail crossfader (45 mm)
Master section with two separately controllable stereo outputs, output 2 switchable to mono
10-digit stereo LED level meter, switchable between both master outputs
Balanced XLR and unbalanced main outputs
Additional mono zone output (with switchable 80Hz HPF) which can be routed to the master bus or channel 5
10-digit LED level meter for the zone output
Mono subwoofer output with integrated active crossover (frequency/level adjustable)
All outputs with rear-side maximum level setting controls
Adjustable effects send/return path, assignable to mic or master bus
PFL section with PFL/master mix control and cue mix/split option
Record output, independent of the master
Rack installation, 7 U

Technical specifications

Power supply: 115/230 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: 25 W
MIC 1-3: combination XLR/6.3 mm jack bal.
AUX: 3.5 mm stereo jack
FOH: 6.3 mm jack bal.
FX RETURN: 6.3 mm jack unbal.
MASTER 1,2: XLR L/R bal., RCA L/R
ZONE: XLR bal.
SUB: XLR bal.
FX SEND: 6.3 mm jack unbal.
PHONES: 6.3 mm jack unbal.
Frequency range: 20-20 000 kHz
Distortion: 0.05 % (line)
S/N ratio: >82 dB (line)
Dimensions (LxWxH): 383 x 483 x 106 mm (19", 7 U)
Weight: 6 kg
Shipping weight: 8.00 kg
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