Panphonics Sound Shower Active 60 x 60 directional speaker - White


Sound Shower directional speakers deliver high-quality, focused audio to a desired area, without disturbing the surroundings.

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Sound Shower creates a shower of sound. Our directional speakers are widely used in a variety of places such as; museums, banks, retail stores, airports, etc. Speakers reproduce clear voice sounds even at a low volume, making it easy for the listener to hear and understand the audio message even in a noisy environment.

Several speakers can be placed close to each other. Still, different audio messages do not disturb each other due to the speakers high directivity.

  • Active/Passive : Active

  • Outdoor use : No

  • Permanent Installation : Yes

  • Balanced Audio Input (XLR) : 1 Input

  • Weight : 3.4 Kg

  • Ethernet, GigE (RJ45) : No

  • Wireless connection : No

  • Placement : Wall/Ceiling

  • Array of drivers : One way

  • 100V support : No

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