PDCONNEX Kaukokaapeli 30m stage boxilla 24IN-4OUT


Kaukokaapeli 30m stage boxilla 24IN-4OUT XLR, PRO-kaapeli, stagebox, stage snake, XLR liittimillä.

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Stage Snake multi cable with a solid metal stagebox. The multi-cable has 24 inputs(female) and 4 outputs(male) on stagebox, allowing you to send microphone signals to the mixer and send out floor monitors back to the stage. The cable is 30 metres long and thanks to the high quality, you will able to enjoy it for years. Great for studio or live performances.

Professional cable
High quality metal connectors
Length cable: 30m
24 inputs and 4 outputs XLR

Technical specifications

Lead length 30m
Outerdiameter 24mm

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