POWERDYNAMICS Deck 750 Lavaelementti 100 x 50cm

Deck 750 Lavaelementti 100 x 50cm HEXA max kuorma 750 kg/m². Erittäin kevyt paino vain 12kg. Tehty Euroopassa. Soveltuu sekä ulko että sisäkäyttöön.
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Power Dynamics Deck750 Stage 100x100cm Hexa

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The Deck750 has a weight of just 17kg (100x100cm) and a load capacity of 750kg/m2. Making it one of the strongest and lightest decks in the industry. The black plywood basis has a special "Hexa" anti-slip coating to ensure maximum grip, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. Our Deck750 has a specially designed leg corner which can be used with most available leg types (48,3mm round, 50x50 square, 60x60 square)

Technical specifications

Aluminium frame with embedded steel carying plate
High load capacity 750kg/m2
Minimum deflection for more stability
Compatible profile with other leading brands
Universal leg corner
Hexa anti-slip top surface
Only 90mm frame height
Made in Europe

Mitat paketille 105x50,5x10 cm sekä paino 12kg.
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