ROADINGER Efektiräkki 19 4U korkeus Effect rack


Lentolaukku 483 mm:n laitteille (19") Sisäänrakennetut telinekiskot. Laadukas valmistus MDF:llä (keskitiheyksinen kuitulevy) 7 mm, musta, laminoitu

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Flightcase for 483 mm units (19")

The ROADINGER CO DD Effect Rack with four height units is ideal for safely storing your 483 mm control and effect units. The two lids are removable and it includes built-in rack rails.
The high-quality workmanship with multi-layered glued wood is underlined by the aluminum profile frame with rounded corners. The three-legged, medium-sized steel ball corners and the four large, steel-reinforced rubber feet provide the necessary stability. In addition, the flight case is equipped with two chrome-plated case folding handles and four snap locks with eyelets for locking.

The delivery includes mounting screws.

The maximum load is 20 kg.

Flightcase for 483 mm devices (19")

  • Built-in rack rails
  • High-quality workmanship with MDF (Medium-density fibreboard) 7 mm, black, laminated
  • 2 removable covers (double-Door-Version)
  • Aluminum profile frames 22mm with rounded edges
  • 2 hinged, chromium plated case handles
  • 4 high-quality spring locks with shut-off function
  • With 4 rubber feet
  • Available in different height units (1 U = 44 mm)
  • With profile rails suitable for (19") approx. 48 cm units
  • 4 U
Maximum load: 20 kg
Removable covers: 2 pc/pcs
Aluminum profile frames: 22 mm
Case handles: 2 pc/pcs
Lock: Spring lock: 4 pc/pcs with shut-off function
Transport aid: 4 x rubber feet
Material: MDF (Medium-density fibreboard), 7 mm
Color: Black, laminated
Front panel width: (19") approx. 48 cm
Mounting height: Approx. 18 cm (4 U)
Mounting depth: 360 mm
Housing design: 4 U
Dimensions: Width: 52,5 cm
Depth: 56 cm
Height: 24 cm
Weight: 6,80 kg
1 4026397130614 7,50 kg 56cm x 25cm x 58c
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