ROADINGER Kuljetuslaatikko 4U, 483mm 19" huopapäällysteinen 10U syvä (Poistuva tuote)


Kuljetuslaatikko, huopapäällysteinen. Combo case, 4U, carpet covered, black.

DJ case for 483 mm units (19")

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Combo case, 4U, carpet covered, black  DJ case for 483 mm units (19")

DJ case for 483 mm units (19")

  • Rugged wooden case (20 mm wall thickness) with black felt cover
  • 10 U section (top) with upward tilted profile rails for top-operated units e.g. mixers, control units of DJ CD players
  • 4 U section (front) with profile rails e.g. for CD mechanisms, effect units, amplifiers
  • Removable top cover
  • Removable front and rear cover with cutout for cable inlet
  • Metal corners
  • 2 spring locks
  • Steel feet
  • Hinged, zinc-plated case handles
  • Delivery includes mounting screws
Technical specifications
Maximum load: 50 kg
Color: Black
Material: Textile 20 mm
Outer dimensions/corners about: 55 mm
Strength: 20 mm
Mounting width: 483 mm (ca. 19")
Mounting height: ca. 440 mm (10 HE)
Mounting depth min.: 405 mm
Width: 55 cm
Height: 40,3 cm
Depth: 51 cm
Weight: 14,90 kg
Inside dimensions:
Horizontal mounting height: 440 mm, 10 U
Vertical mounting height: 132 mm, 4 U
Horizontal mounting depth: 405 mm
Vertical mounting depth: 270 mm
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