Showgear Tree Pole Mounting Bracket Tree/pole mounting bracket with ø 48 mm tube

Suitable for mounting objects with 50 mm (2") clamp.  Quick and easy to attach. Safety cable can be attached. Strong steel construction with loadable weight up to 50 kg. Including two 2-m (6.6 ft) endless ratchet straps
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The Showgear Mounting Bracket for Tree/Pole allows you to easily mount lighting fixtures against a pole or tree. This is possible with the help of two supplied 2-meter endless ratchet straps. The bracket has a 47.5 cm long steel tube on which objects weighing up to 50 kg can be mounted by using 48–50 mm clamps.

Please note that the working load limit depends on the mounting. ALWAYS check whether the object to which you attach the bracket is suitable. ALWAYS use safety cables when mounting at height, both for the bracket itself and for the fixture to be hung.


Mechanical Specifications
WLL (kg) 50 kg
Material Metal
Finish Powder Coating
Colour Black
Length (mm) 555 mm Height (mm) 200 mm Width (mm) 165 mm
Diameter 50 mm Weight 2.35 kg
Product Properties
Tensile Strength 250-500 daN
Thermal Specifications Minimum Ambient Temperature  -10 °C
Maximum Ambient Temperature 45 °C
Included Items
Included Accessories Strap Handle
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