SHOWTEC Infinity iB-5R - 230W Moving Head


Infinity iB-5R moving head on pakattu täyteen ominaisuuksia jotka tyydyttävät vaativimmankin säde-efektin käyttäjän. Infinity iB-5R:ssä on nopeat liikkeet, gobon ja värin vaihto, ja siinä on 17 metalligoboa sekä 14 eläväistä väriä. Verrattuna iB-2R:ään laitteessa on yksi tärkeä ero. iB-5R on varustettu kahdeksansivuisen prisman zoom toiminnolla, tätä ominaisuutta ei ole iB-2R:ssä. Laite toimitetaan käyttövalmiina Osram Sirius 230W lampulla.Mitat: 346 x 417 x 490 mm Paino: 20,5 kg

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Showtec Infinity® iB-5R

Fully packed with features for the most demanding beam-effect user the iB-5R offers you all functions you require. The Infinity iB-5R has fast movements for pan/tilt, gobo and color changes, and offers 17 metal gobos in combination with 14 vivid colors.
Besides the main difference of the light source with the iB-2R there is one more signification difference in features. The iB-5R is equipped with a zoom function on the 8 facet prism, this feature is not available on the iB-2R. It comes complete with a Osram Sirius 230W lamp (5R) (included).


Light Source: Osram Sirius HRI 230W (5R)
Lamp socket: E20.6
Color temp.: 8000K
Beam angle: 1- 3,8°

Input Voltage: 100-240 VAC
Power consumption: 385W

On-Board: Battery powered full color display including gravity sensor
Battery lifetime: max 30 days (full charge)
Mode: DMX, Auto & Master/Slave
Control Protocol: DMX512
Control Personality: Advanced 18ch /Basic 15ch
Wireless DMX: optional available

Optical system
Dimmer: 0-100% Mechanical
Shutter: 0-20Hz
Focus: Motorized
Prism 1: 8-facet rotating prism
Frost: Yes

Pan: 540°
Tilt: 270°
Pan/Tilt resolution: 16 bit
Special: Pan/ Tilt, Color,Gobo change blackout,User-selectable Pan & Tilt ranges, 540°/360°/180°/90°, Reverse Pan / Tilt movement

Gobos & Colors
Gobowheel: 17 Metal gobos
Gobo functions: Gobo-flow effect,Gobo shake
Colors: 14 dichroic-filters + white
Color functions: Split colors, Rainbow-flow effect

Color: Black
Housing: Metal & Flame-retardant plastic
Screws: Quick lock
Fixture Connection: XLR 3&5p Data in/out, Powercon input
Dimensions (WxDxH): 346 x 417 x 490 mm
Weight: 20,5 kg

Certification and Safety
Certification: CE
Max. ambient Temp.: 40°C
Minimum distance objects: 12m

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