Uimahalli äänentoisto


Skenaario: Uimahalli äänentoisto 1500-1900 m2

Uimahallit, vesipuistot ja kylpylät vaativat kosteussuojattua laitteistoa sekä sijoittelu vaatii tarkkaa suunnittelua. Viihtyvyys on tärkeää ja tunnelmaa voi luoda eri alueille laadukkaalla laitteistolla. Monialuemikrofonilla voi kuulutuksia tehdä eri alueille. Meiltä löytyy laaja valikoima kosteuden kestäviä kaiuttimia ja jopa saunankestäviä!

Kysy lisää myynnistämme, tarjoamme myös suunnittelun ja osaavan asennuspalvelun.
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Scenario: Swimming Pool, 1500-1900 m2

Customer requirements

  • Excellent speech intelligibility for announcements made via the connected microphone
  • High-quality music reproduction for training courses, e.g. aqua jogging
  • Versatile playback options for background music, e.g. from CD or MP3 files
  • Moisture-proof speakers, protected against high humidity


The speaker systems ESP-250/WS with 2-way bass-reflex system provide a consistent and high-quality sound radiation in the swimming pool area.

The ceiling speakers EDL-158 ensure that announcements made in the changing rooms and in the entrance area are clear and understandable. The matrix router ARM-880 is used for signal transmission and allows you to route up to eight different audio sources to an equal amount of speaker zones.

With the connected zone-paging microphone ARM-880RC, you can make sure that announcements made are clear and understandable, either in certain zones or in every zone and, if required, with priority circuit.

In order to allow for a reproduction of unobtrusive background music, the audio player CD-112RDS/BT features a Bluetooth receiver for a wireless connection of laptops, smartphones or tablet PCs. It is of course also possible to reproduce CDs or MP3 files from USB storage media and SD/MMC cards.

The power amplifier PA-4240 allows you to implement up to 4 speaker lines and is controlled via the audio output of the ARM-880.

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