VUOKRAUS - Valkokangas jalustalla 100 tuumaa - 211cm x 160cmm


Vuokraa laadukas valkokangas jalustalla 211x160 100" (kokoon taittuva).  

-211cm x 160cm screenin koko

-4:3 kuvasuhde

-100" kuvakoko

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Valkokangas videoprojektorille tai piirtoheittimelle

Tripod Screen 100 inch, size 211 x 160 cm, manual foldable,  12,5kg.

• Heavy duty aluminium combined with steel parts, light structure, portable.
• Plastic finished parts, elegant appearance.
• Easy operation, stable uphold.
• In the junction of self-locking parts, adopted is the design of steel parts
welded into plastic parts, which minimizes any scratches on the post.
• The surface has the characteristic of flame retardant and mildew resistant.
Durable enough for daily use without colour fading or deformation and it is still keeping flat
for optimum image quality.
• Tripods for fixed standing.

Technical specifications

Diagonal size: 100"
Screen size (WxH): 211 x 160 cm
Viewing area (WxH): 203 x 152 cm
Weight: 12 kg
Surface: Matt white
Gain: 1,1
Viewing angle: 50 °

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