Wentex Fixed Upright 120 cm (H) - black

Powder coated. Suitable for Pipe & Drape. Ideal height for FOH shielding. 4-pin.  Ø 51 mm
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The Wentex Fixed Upright is not telescopic and is part of the Pipe & Drape system. It has a fixed height of 100 cm and is the ideal base in combination with the 30 x 35 cm base plate and 10 cm base plate pin. Equipped with a 4-way adapter, up to four cross bars can be connected effortlessly.

The maximum supported weight is 25 kg. This makes it a perfect tool for hanging curtains and you can use it to hide backgrounds or create partitions. The height of this upright is ideal to serve as a barrier between the audience and the Front Of House.


Mechanical Specifications
Height (m) 1.2 m
Diameter 51 mm
Diameter (Inner) 46 mm
Colour Black
Material Aluminium
Finish Powder Coating
Weight 0.94 kg
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