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Wharfedale PDM-100 Monitorikaiutin erityisesti sähkörummuille. Voidaan käyttää myös muuhun monitorointiin lavalla, treenikämpällä yms.

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The PDM-100 is an active floor monitor - ideal for electronic drums.

The portable two-way speaker system is powered by two separate amplifiers. This bi-amplification delivers a crisp and loud output. A 10” LF driver efficiently handles the transients of percussive electronic instruments, while the 2” tweeter accurately reproduces the highs needed for sharp and detailed cymbals and hats.
PDM-100 is equipped with balanced XLR, jack and stereo mini jack inputs - each with separate input volume controls - so connection to other sources, such as mp3 players, microphones and other electronic musical instruments, is easy. A handy 3- band EQ section also allows for quick and easy tonal control. You can even connect headphones.
For practical transportation there is also a robust bar handle around the back.
Rated at 100w Continuous, PDM-100 has the power to cut through.

Key Features

  • 10" LF driver
  • 2" Tweeter
  • 100w Continuous power
  • 200w Peak power
  • MDF Construction
  • Bi-amplified
  • Multiple balanced inputs
  • 3-Band EQ
  • Made for the transients
  • Portable and versatile
Multiple balanced inputs
PDM-100 has the inputs to cater for almost any setup.

A balanced XLR mic input with separate volume control.

A 6.5mm stereo jack input for connecting the electronic drum kit to and there is even a 3.5mm stereo jack for connecting portable mp3 players to.

For personal monitoring a stereo 3.5mm headphone output jack is also included.

With independent volume controls for each input, PDM-100 acts as a small mixer, allowing you to mix each of your inputs at the same time.
PDM-100 is constructed of MDF. A solid and lightweight material which helps to deliver a smooth and 'warm' sound.

When transporting PDM-100 from the rehearsal studio to the stage, the full length steel carry handle makes it easy.

Simply "grab and go!"

Around the back is also the mains input connector. This is recessed on the top angle so that PDM-100 can be used tight up against a wall.

Finally, multiple rubber feet keep the PDM-100 stable on stage regardless of how loud it is turned up.
Drivers and amps
The drivers inside PDM-100 have been carefully selected for their compatibility with the transients which an electronic drum kit can create.

The 10" woofer has real low end 'punch' while the 2" tweeter comfortably handles the most aggressive hi-hats and cymbals.

Powered by two separate Wharfedale Pro amplifiers, the sound is clear and spacious.
1 MIC (XLR) INPUT jack Balanced mic input for XLR mic level input.

2 1⁄4” stereo line level input for connecting line level sources such as electronic drums or other electronic instruments

3 1/8” stereo AUX / LINE input source for connecting portable audio devices such as mobile phones or MP3 players

4 3.5mm stereo headphone output

5 Mic volume control.

6 Line 1 volume control

7 Aux / Line 2 volume control

8 Hi knob to adjust high frequencies

9 Mid knob to adjust mid frequencies

10 Low know to boost or cut low frequencies

11 Power switch


Product name PDM-100
Rated output power LF 90w / HF 10w Continuous
LF 180w / HF 20w Peak
Drivers 1 x 10" woofer
1 x 2" tweeter
Controls Power switch
Volume knob Line 1
Volume knob MIC
Volume knob AUX
Hi, MID and LOW frequency EQ knobs
Pilot lamp Power
Interface Mic input jack
Line 1 input jack
Aux / Line2 input jacks 
Headphone output
AC IN jack
Power 100w
Dimensions (W x D x H) 388mm x 407mm x 354mm
Weight 13.5kg
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