SHOWTEC LED Octostrip Set MKII - pikseliohjattava Led palkki setti 8kpl sis ohjain DMX - Artnet


Showtec LED Octostrip Set MKII - RGB 50cm Section control

Led palkki setti 8kpl pikseliohjattava - sisältää 8kpl 50cm RGB led palkki + ohjainyksikkö DMX/Artnet

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The LED Octostrip MKII is the successor of the popular Octostrip. It is a complete plug-and-play set; consisting of 8 LED strips, a controller and eight 5-meter long XLR extension cables. The new LED Octostrip MKII can control each strip’s 4 individual RGB sections, along with the corresponding dimmer and strobe settings. The controller supports ArtNet protocol, which facilitates the use of device while operating in the full RGB mode (192CH mode). It has updated color presets and built-in color flows for use of horizontal and vertical directions which are accessible via DMX (in 6CH, 8CH, 14CH, 24CH, 26CH, 50CH, 96CH, 112CH, 192CH, 208CH channel modes). Because of the exact same hardware design It is possible to combine the Octostrip MKI to the new Octostrip MKII in one stage. However, in such case, it is not advisable to operate the old and the new version of the device in Auto mode, as the built-in programs differ per version. The 6CH mode has the same DMX channel settings to control both sets in one setup.

  • 8x 50cm strips with 4 RGB Sections
  • 5m extension cables included
  • DMX & Art-net control


Length: 50cm
Sections: 4
Cable length: 75cm
Connection: 5p XLR male connector
LED system: 5050 RGB
Rigging: M10 sliding profile
Dimensions: 500 x 30 x 50 mm
Weight: 0,7 Kg
IP Rating: IP-20

Input voltage: 100~240VAC, 50/60Hz
Power consumption: 90W at full output
On Board: Display
Modes: DMX, Auto, Sound, Manual
Control protocol: DMX-512, Artnet
LED Mode: 50cm / 100cm
Control personality: 6Ch, 8Ch, 14Ch, 24Ch, 26Ch, 50Ch, 96Ch, 112Ch 192Ch, 208Ch
Color: Black
Housing: Metal
Outputs: 5p XLR female
Max cable length: 6m
Data connections: XLR 3p & RJ-45
Power connections: Pro power in- & output
Dimensions: 360 x 200 x 95 mm
Weight: 2,3 Kg
Certification: CE
Max. ambient temp: 40°

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