EUROPALMS Valaistu pikavaihtokehys A0 841 x 1189 mm


Valaistu pikavaihtokehys 841 x 1189 mm kuvakoko A0, kehyksen leveys 28 mm. Erittäin näppärä valokuva, juliste, mainoskehys, jonka voit avata näppärästi pikalukoilla vain nostamalla reunoista ja vaihtamalla kuvan. Soveltuu mainiosti vaihtuviin tapahtumiin sekä ravintolan tms. seinälle markkinointiin. Helppo ripustaa.

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Huom! Kun tilaat vähintään 295 eurolla, saat toimituksen ilmaiseksi!

Turn the lights on!

Let your posters shine.
We can tell you how!
Just take a look at our illuminated billboard.

With very little effort your posters can be fixed or changed.
Simply open the frame, put the poster under the transparent acryl glass panel and shut the frame again.
Lights on!

The folding frame represents a classic outdoor advertising.
But combined with the additional illumination and the precious brushed aluminum frame your posters perfectly come into its own: a perfect presentation in A1 meters.
Thanks to the acryl glass panel the important sheets are protected from any impurities and from fading.
The frame can easily be mounted to a wall, both upright and horizontal.
And as manufacturing is first class, the clips will always close properly, although they have been used numerously.

Our illuminated billboard is also available in 1 x 2 m, DIN A3, A2 and A1.

Illuminated billboard A0, aluminum
Put your message in the right perspective!

- Elegant single-sided light frame with brushed aluminum frame (28 mm)
- Available in 1 x 2 m, DIN A3, DIN A2, DIN A1 and DIN A0 formats
- Snap frame profile
- Acryl glass panel (1.5 mm) protects the slide
- Wall fitting in portrait or landscape formats
- 2 fluorescent lamps included in the delivery
- Ready for connection with safety-plug, ON/OFF-switch on the power cable
- Incl. mounting material

Technical specifications

ower supply: 230 V AC, 50 Hz ~
Power consumption: 75 W

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