ZOOM B1on basso-moniefektilaite, 75 bassoefektiä


B1on basso-moniefektilaite, 75 bassoefektiä, 30 sekunnin loop, 100 muistipaikkaa, Integroitu rumpukone, integroitu viritin, USB-liitäntä

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Zoom B1on, basso-moniefektilaite

Dozen Unique Sounds

The 12 amp models include emulations of classic tube amplifiers like the Ampeg SVT, Ampeg B-15, Fender Bassman, Marshall Super Bass, Polytone Mini-Brute III and acoustic 360, as well as the contemporary sounds of the Hartke HA3500, SWR SM-900, Aguilar DB750, and Gallien-Krueger 800RB. What's more, you can pair any amp model to any cabinet model for unusual, and often striking, effects.

Edits saved. All the time.

Finally got that perfect effect crafted, but afraid you'll lose it? It'll never happen when you use the B1on's handy Auto Save function. When switched on, whatever you change will automatically be saved.

Alternatively, if you'd prefer the insurance of a safety net (so that you never accidentally overwrite a patch), simply leave Auto Save off. The B1on will then ask if you want to save your edits whenever you move on to a different patch. Settings can be saved to the currently selected memory area, or to any other area, allowing you to place it where it's most convenient.


- 75 effects, including distortion, compression, modulation, delay and reverb
- Up to five effects can be used simultaneously, chained together in any order
- 100 memory locations (10 banks of 10) for the storage of user-created patches
- Swap function makes patch organization a breeze
- Auto Save function for automatic saving of all patch parameters
- Pre Select function allows silent patch selection while keeping the current patch operational
- Onboard chromatic tuner supports all standard bass tunings
- Looper feature for the recording of up to 30 seconds of CD-quality audio
- 68 built-in rhythm patterns which can be used in conjunction with the Looper
- Standard 1/4" input jack accepts standard cable
- 1/8" auxiliary input jack for connection of personal music players
- Output jack for connection to amp or headphones
- Backlit LCD with contrast control for easy viewing in low-light environments
- Lightweight and small enough to fit in your gig bag
- Easily integrated into any existing pedalboard
- Runs on 4 AA batteries, with alkaline battery life of 20 hours
- USB port for power and firmware updates

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