SOMMER CABLE Instrumenttikaapeli 100m musta Tricone MKII 1x 0.22 mm² PVC Ø 5.9 mm


SOMMER CABLE Instrumenttikaapeli 100m musta Tricone MKII 1x 0.22 mm² PVC Ø 5.9 mm

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String artists...
will be delighted at this cable.
The Tricone® MKII is a flexible cable for guitar or keyboard and equally interesting for the live musician, studio keyboarder and the home recorder. Because of its decent wire gauge of 0.22 mm² and the fine single 0.10 mm wires, it is protected against cable break and convinces with high bending cycles. It is very robust, easy to reel and very reasonably priced. When making cables, care should be taken to remove the conductive shielding (black PVC hose) from the insulation so that it won't touch the inner conductor.
Tricone® MKII is a protected and registered trademark of SOMMER CABLE GmbH.

Instrument Cable Tricone® MKII

1 x 0,22 mm²; PVC Ø 5.9 mm; black
Very robust due to the large wire cross-section and fine Cu single litz wires
Good electrical values due to the Skin PE insulation
100 % protection by dual shielding (helical copper mesh screen + conductive carbon screen)
High number of bending cycles
Dependable cable for live applications (guitar and keyboard)
Economy-priced Line-in or Patchcable for the Homerecorder
Made in Europe

Construction: LI2Y(LS)DY 1 x 0.22 mm²
No. of inner conductors: 1 x 0.22 mm²
Copper strand per conductor: 28 x 0.10 mm
Conductor insulation: Foam/skin-PE 1.80 mm
Shielding factor: 100 %
Temperature range: -25° C to +60° C
Packaging: 100 m roll
Cable construction: 1 x 0,22 mm² Miscellaneous Cables
Cable length: 100 m
Color: Black
Length: 100 m
Weight: 4,05 kg

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