SOMMER CABLE Instrumenttikaapeli 100m The Spirit XXL 1x 0.75mm² kuori läpinäkyvä Ø 6.80mm


SOMMER CABLE Instrumenttikaapeli 100m The Spirit XXL 1x 0.75mm² kuori läpinäkyvä Ø 6.80mm

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SOMMER CABLE Instrument cable 100m The Spirit XXL

Our endurance test champion...
in our range is the SC-Spirit XXL. This high-end guitar cable is one of the most successful products of the past years and enjoys cult status both with guitarists and bassists. Owing to its excellent priceperformance ratio, it was elected test champion several times in a row by the German and international trade press.
The cable is sturdy and yet flexible, while its smoke-coloured jacket gives it a distinctive design. The shielding is ideal: the mesh screen with 95 % coverage plus the lavish carbon screen (100 %) protect against interference. A special lacquer finish makes the complex PE foam insulation very durable and helps preserve the excellent transmission properties for years to come.
The large wire gauge of 0,75 mm² ensures a high signal level even with long distances.
Our customers describe the sound of the SC-Spirit XXL as crystalclear, clean and very neutral. It shines with an excellent reproduction of forceful bass attacks.
Caution: The black carbon screen between mesh screen and insulation is highly conductive. It must be removed before soldering!

High-quality instrument cable

Smoke-colored noble version
Sommer Cable SC-SPIRIT XXL cable from German production
Enormously powerful and clear sound image with bass, guitar and keyboard
Dual shielding by a combination of a copper mesh screen plus conductive carbon screen
Low-loss transmission due to low capacitance and large wire gauge
Very flexible and easy to reel because of its fine single litz design
Extremely durable and sturdy due to a special high-quality PVC jacket compound
High quality guitar and bass cable for studio and stage
Unbalanced cable for keyboards, samplers, mixing desks etc.
Connection lead for CD/DVD/BluRay player/recorder
Made in Europe

Name: SC-Spirit XXL
Properties: Analog
Properties: OFC oxygen free copper
Application area: Stage / live
Application area: Studio / Broadcast
Application area: Mobile outdoor / indoor
Application: Instrument Cable
Color detailed: transparent
Color detailed: brown
Color detailed: black
Signal transmission: asymmetrical
Construction: LI2Y(LS)CY 1x0.75 mm²
Jacket material: PVC
Jacket material (audio): transp. PVC
Jacket Ø [mm]: 6.80
Number of Channels (audio): 1
Inner conductor (audio): 1
Inner conductor (audio) [mm²]: 0.75
Inner conductor Ø (audio) [mm]: 0.98
AWG (audio): 18
Shielding: Copper spiral tin-plated + semiconductor
Copper strands (audio): 42
Copper strand Ø (audio) [mm]: 0.15
Conductor insulation material: Foam / Skin-PE
Conductor insulation Ø [mm]: 3.10
UV-resistant: yes
Fire load per m [kWh]: 0.26
Style variant: round
Shielding factor [%]: 100
Packing: 100 m spool
Temperature min. [°C]: -30
Temperature max. [°C]: 70
Width [mm]: 6.8
Height [mm]: 6.8
Capac. cond./shield. per 1 m (audio) [pF]: 86
Capacity wire/electic screen at 1 ft. (audio) [pF]: 26.2128
Insulation resist. per 1 km [Gohms]: 0.05
Insulation resist. per 1000 feet [Gohms]: 0.0152
Insulation resist. per 1 km (audio) [Gohms]: 0.05
Insulation resist. per 1000 feet (audio) [Gohms]: 0.0152
Conductor resistance per 1 km [ohms]: 25
Conductor resistance per 1000 ft. [ohms]: 7.62
Cable construction: 1 x 0,75 mm² Miscellaneous Cables
Cable length: 100 m
Color: Black
Length: 100 m
Weight: 5,40 kg

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