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Tuorein tuotemerkki edustuksemme on Wharfedale Pro, lähes 100 vuotta audiolaitteiden valmistusta takaa laadukkaita ja kestäviä tuotteita. Tarkkaile sivujamme sillä Wharfedale tuotteita julkaistaan pian lisää.

Wharfedale Pro has a heritage built on supreme quality audio spanning back to the 1930s. Founded by Gilbert Briggs in 1932, Wharfedale was initially a home hi-fi loud speaker manufacturer, and still is today as a separate brand. At Wharfedale Pro our goal is to produce high quality, affordable sound reinforcement both for musicians (professional and amateur) and for corporate installations, from superclubs to shopping malls. A combination of a passion for music and stringent quality control stemming from one of the world's most famous loudspeaker companys means power, reliability and great value are what we're known for, and we're proud of it. n 1996 the Wharfedale Brand was acquired by International Audio Group. Taking the brand a step further and to cope with the demand of a growing pro audio market Wharfedale Pro was born. Today Wharfedale Pro has been recognised as a leading force in a competitive market in its own right. Similarly to the bestselling Diamond series in Hi-Fi, Wharfedale Pro has received similar success; loudspeaker ranges including the Titan Active, WLA and EVP-X have been internationally recognised and used from smaller venues, bands and mobile DJ setups to professional installations incuding stadiums, superclubs, houses of worship and theatres.

  1. Wharfedale Titan Sub A15 MKII aktiiviisubwoofer 15"  400W RMS - 600W Peak - 129db
    Wharfedale Titan Sub A15 MKII aktiiviisubwoofer 15" 400W RMS - 600W Peak - 129db
    Tuotenro: 267134
    Varastossa: 3 kpl
    Normaalihinta 549,00 € Tarjoushinta 449,00 €
  2. WHARFERDALE PRO Titan AX15 aktiivikaiutin 15" 840W
    Wharfedale PRO Titan AX15 aktiivikaiutin 15" 840W
    Tuotenro: 267039
    Toimitus 2-14 vrk
    398,99 €
  3. wharferdale-pro-titan-ax12-aktiivikaiutin-12-600w
    Wharfedale PRO Titan AX12 aktiivikaiutin 12" 600W
    Tuotenro: 591053
    Toimitus 2-14 vrk
    315,00 €
  4. wharfedale-titan-x12-passiivikaiutin-12-tuumaa
    Wharfedale TITAN-X12 passiivikaiutin 12" Musta
    Tuotenro: 800206
    Toimitus 2-14 vrk
    249,00 €
  5. wharfedale-titan-x12-passiivikaiutin-12-tuumaa-valkoinen
    Wharfedale TITAN-X12 passiivikaiutin 12" Valkoinen
    Tuotenro: 800213
    Toimitus 2-14 vrk
    249,00 €
  6. wharfedale-titan-x15-passiivikaiutin-15-tuumaa-musta
    Wharfedale TITAN-X15 passiivikaiutin 15" Musta
    Tuotenro: 800214
    Toimitus 2-14 vrk
    330,00 €
  7. wharfedale-titan-x15-passiivikaiutin-15-tuumaa-valkoinen
    Wharfedale TITAN-X15 passiivikaiutin 15" Valkoinen
    Tuotenro: 800215
    Toimitus 2-14 vrk
    330,00 €
  8. wharfedale-pdm-100-monitorikaiutin
    Wharfedale PDM-100 Monitorikaiutin
    Tuotenro: 800219
    Toimitus 2-14 vrk
    387,50 €
  9. wharfedale-ez-15a-aktiivikaiutin-langattomilla-mikeilla
    Wharfedale EZ-15A aktiivikaiutin langattomilla mikeillä
    Tuotenro: 800220
    Toimitus 2-14 vrk
    398,99 €
  10. wharfedale-ez-15a-aktiivikaiutin-langattomilla-mikeilla
    Wharfedale EZ-12A aktiivikaiutin langattomilla mikeillä
    Tuotenro: 800221
    Toimitus 2-14 vrk
    329,00 €
  11. wharfedale-titan-8a-mkii-musta
    Wharfedale Titan 8A MKII Musta
    Tuotenro: 800222
    Toimitus 2-14 vrk
    288,99 €

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